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Easy Use:

Kegel balls are used to build up your vaginal/pelvic floor muscles.

1. You use by inserting the entrance end into your vagina. Start by Standing with your feet about 2 feet apart and just stand there tightening and relaxing your vaginal muscles.

You can even lay down on the floor with your feet spread apart and do the same for about 10-15 minutes or however you can withstand.

2. It may take up to 2-3 days to be able to hold the kegel balls in. Younger girls may be able to do so on the first attempt.

3. You may want to use lube to help with insertion, but once you are able to do the relaxing and tightening exercises for about 10 minutes. Try to exercise, work, run and play , basically do your normal routine and keep the kegel balls in. The moving balls on the inside will work with your vaginal muscles and will start to work them, tightening and relaxing as you normally work.

4. Don’t forget to do your kegel exercises when you insert for the first ten minutes to activate the muscles to start to work around the kegel ball.

Kegel Balls

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